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Creative services

  • Art Department Services – Film, TV & Entertainment
  • Greens Garden Services – Film, TV & Entertainment
  • Prop Design, Construction & Sourcing
  • Entertainment requirements – Pop Up Shops etc
  • Event Theming & Dressing
  • Installation including Set Dressing
  • Production Design & Art Direction
  • Window, Store & Showroom Displays
  • Print Management
  • Unique Signage – Art Galleries, Stage and Touring Band Banners etc

Production and Project Management
Concept to Installation

What can over 30 years of experience bring to your business?

Evidence that a successful project can be done on time, on budget and get the right results. Crack-a-Jack Design Studio and It's director David Jackson combined bring a wealth of knowledge and practice in the multi faceted world of art, design and production. Called upon by a diverse range of people to employ our services such as Film & TV productions, Government, Creative & Corporate business etc. You may have even seen some of our work whether it be the garden on Masterchef, a specialty prop on LegoMasters, A film premiere set theming for Walt Disney, A Pop Up Shop for Kanye West, a stage banner for Vance Joy or even a Window display for Stussy or gallery opening sign for Outré Gallery...

Being skilled and experienced in more than just one area is what is often required to make creative projects happen.

Crack-a-Jack thoroughly manages it's projects from start to completion involved involved in every detail of the project to ensure total quality control, budget and timing. A variety of sized jobs can be supervised, directed and produced by the Studio. The client or partner can nominate how much involvement they desire throughout the project.

Crack-a-Jack provides tailored solutions to their clients and partners needs.

Whether it's a set dressing, branding exercise, promotion, exhibition stand?, garden or TV prop. The Crack-a-Jack experience, knowledge, resources and commitment can be replied upon. Successful projects benefit from an understanding and skilled knowledge of the market/what is required, products, budgets and the right people to do the job.

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